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Head Aimbot
Torso Aimbot
Pelvis Aimbot
Distance Aim
Crosshair Aim
Threat Aim
Aim Key
Aim Angle
Aim Speed
Auto Fire
Slow Aim

Visual Menu

Bounding Boxes
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Misc Menu

Infinite Ammo
Rapid Fire
Rocket Weapons
Grenade Weapons
Glitch Key
Glitch Speed

MicroVolts VIP Information

We are proud to show our support for MicroVolts Hacks. AugmentedSkills VIP Systems supports every known version of MicroVolts.

We've supported MicroVolts since the first days of beta, with the first public hacks and first VIP hacks. Our enormous feature list can be found on the left, including Telekill and Glitcher. These awesome features are accompanied by a proprietary loader designed to keep the hacks undetected longer than any other MicroVolts. hacks. Check out some user-submitted screenshots on the right, or read their testimonials below. Nothing beats our quality, support, or customer satisfaction.

I got 112-4, and people in the server were talking normally, not a single one said hacker, they were all talking misc stuff and said good game at the end.

GFG Hacks BTW, I have them, been using them for a few days nows. Lat game I got a score of 83 - 9!

Rajinn - One of the best VIP programmers on the web. Designed the first MicroVolts Hacks.

Video Proof!

Massive KDR!

Dominate as MVP